CHANGE is all around us. All of the time.

And the pace of change is increasing, and often the impact far-reaching, stretching resources that are already close to breaking point.   

In this you are not alone.

smoothing the path, saving you money, ensuring safe arrival

This site, and our Services, exists to help you in one of           ways.

ERP - all the standard core apps, plus

things we know a LOT about


MOBILE, eCommerce, Multi-Channel

Analytics, and In-memory ERP (HANA)

DR and HA, Storage Reduction tools

Cloud - Where ? How ? Why ? Why not?

Service Management, Call Centre

Procurement, SRM, SCM

Quality, Health & Safety, Compliance

sectors we know a LOT about

Manufacturing, Distribution, Utilities

Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Capital Equipment, CPG

Project-centric businesses, Product based or Service Delivery based


Discrete and Process

First, we will introduce you to a number of innovative Applications and Solutions which we believe are “gems” in their field - and which almost certainly have pertinence to your own business seeking to lower complexity and costs, and seeking to improve speed to deployment on multiple fronts that are adopting CHANGE. This short list is growing each quarter, and we will continue to seek such gems to bring to your attention.

Second, we can provide real experience and insight to those needing experienced physical resources to support Project Management, Delivery or even Recovery and Post Mortem following glitches or even worse, failure.

Our Services also extend to include provision of INTERIM Management at both Executive and Line Management levels, spanning IT. Sales, Materials, Planning, Procurement and HR.

Read on to see more. Call us soon to discuss where we can help.

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change - the one thing we can be sure of