Many businesses are facing CHANGE on a number of fronts, and the task of juggling all the balls can become daunting, and may lead to compromising Quality and Delivery. It may even bring business risk emanating from several new fronts.

changing-IT can offer ON-DEMAND experienced resource to complement your own team. We can provide a reliable crutch for short, sharp execution Projects, or can provide the full spectrum of Project Management needed for longer term Projects - particularly those with a strategic importance with Executive scrutiny involved.

Read on to see the spectrum of our PM skills. Consider where we can add-value, and get in touch if you want to engage in an initial exploratory discussion.

We are at our best where, in the Project Remit, there is a need for strong technical IT knowledge, coupled with a need for wide business process knowledge, and coupled with strong PEOPLE and TEAM RELATIONSHIP skills.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT and Project Support

Project Plan Development and Resources Assessment

Project Business Case Development and ROI to support CAPEX

Project Delivery Adherence (Budget and Timeline)

Project RISK Identification and Mitigation (continual review and report)

Project PARTNERS Liaison

Project Monitoring and Mentoring, with Progress Reporting to Exec

Project BAKonTRAK Troubleshooting and Recovery

Project Post Mortem - Failure Assessment - Responsible Parties Analysis - Independent

TOTAL Project Management - where we assume the full spectrum of PM activities

 IT SOLUTION SELECTION and Support through Deployment

Longlist stage - assistance with identifying candidate solutions

Shortlist stage - assistance with identifying most appropriate Products/Vendors

Contract Award Support - assistance with negotiation stage(s)

PRAGMATIC methodology - generally we do not recommend the 200+ page ITT/RFQ approach

BEAUTY CONTEST experience - we have been involved in hundreds of bids and know the terrain

WIN-WIN - remember any successful Project will need to have both Parties (all Parties) smiling


Being experienced in both IT Sector and in the commercial business Sector, and having successfully occupied board level roles as MD, Sales & Marketing Director, IT Director, and Admin and Planning Director, I am well equipped to support any business needing to backfill a senior role temporarily for a few days or for a few months, full time or part-time for a flexible duration. Detailed Financial skills stretching from the P&L and Balance Sheet through to Budgeting and Planning, and the supporting Reporting and Analytics to keep KPI’s in view across the business. Comfortable in both SME and Enterprise level businesses, operating either domestic or international markets.



Forensic Assessment of “real” Trading - past, present, future being projected

Valuation Assessment of any IP, Products, Services and Delivery Team

Assessment of Third Party Solutions in portfolio of offerings, and Contractual Relationships involved

Review of Sales resources, risks to continuity

Review of Marketing strategy and execution track-record

    - conventional channels

    - new media channels

Recurring Revenue review of annuity Contracts - renewal patterns/probabilities - Rev Rec rules

Cost-of-Sales analysis - pre-sales controls, resource allocation controls

Bid Management processes, Margin targets, pre-sale and post-sale reality checks

Revenue Spread - eggs in basket review to assess distribution of Revenue across Customer base

NNN versus Farming analysis

Gain the Inside-Track, Poacher turned Gamekeeper insight from our experience

RESULT = no shocks upon transition  to new owners

VC’s listen up …..


1-3 Days engagements will be chargeable at £590 per full day, £350 per half day (min half day units)

4-10 Days will be chargeable at £520 per full day, £320 per half day

11+ Days will be chargeable at £480 per full day, £300 per half day

Day Rates exclude Travelling and any Hotel Expenses which will be charged additionally at Cost.

NO CHARGE for an introductory/initial meeting, only subsequent agreed activities are chargeable

DURATION: A 3-Day engagement may occur on consecutive days or may be used over elapsed time of (say) 2 weeks. A 15-Day engagement may be delivered over a 2-Month or 3-Month window. Engagement DURATION parameters are at the Client’s discretion. To “get the Rate” you need to commit to the volume. Call-Off/Usage of the Days will be planned in line with the Project needs.


We are happy to agree a “periodic” commitment of X Days at a Y Day Rate, where the Days can be called off ON DEMAND as needed within the business/Project. MINIMUM agreement level is 20 Days which would attract a reduced Day Rate of £650, and 5 Days will be billed up-front as a Retainer.

We can discuss higher volumes of Days attracting lower Day Rates if you wish.   

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