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Listed below are a growing number of point-solutions that we believe have relevance to many businesses, especially those embarked on Process Change on a minor or major scale.

Every day we all see NEW solutions announced, some stand-alone, some enhanced components of existing solutions.

Sometimes, rarely, we come across real innovation - sometimes offering the simplest of ideas, yet delivering a whole raft of capability to our cherished end-Users.

The solutions below are real gems, and we want to be able to introduce you to them. These applications have impressed us, and given our own track record and scarred back, it is hard to impress us !

Read, consider, and get in touch if you want to engage in A) an initial discussion, and B) a webex preliminary demo


as-is to-be   as-is to-be    as-is to-be    as-is to-be     as-is to-be    as-is to-be     as-is to-be Gem 1

SAP-centric eCommerce, the simple and safest way to grow your BBBusiness.

That means enabling and covering all the angles of eCommerce in ONE simple multi-channel solution, providing B2B, B2C and B2E - because each of these channels offer you opportunities for either revenue growth, or enhanced efficiency by reducing transactional costs, or both.

You can CHOOSE to deploy using Cloud for a rapid and low-cost off-the-shelf solution, OR using On-Premise or Hosted to maximise the benefits and flexibility of truly owning your own destiny.

This GEM solution is unique and probably unrivalled and unparalleled in the increasingly complex world of eCommerce. It seeks to SIMPLIFY and speed up the adoption of eCommerce by using ONLY standard SAP functionality under the covers, and using it within SAP, meaning that on-going Support is also simplified, by YOUR team, supported as needed by the supplier’s UK based technical team.

The main message here is that  IT IS SAP that is handling ALL of the important processes. It is the SAP database that supports all of the eCommerce transactions.

Importantly this means


NO duality of Data, so Data presented is NOW Data

NO periodic Master Data replications

NO separate Content Management catalogues which inevitably get out of synch with the ERP                  core data, and

NO separate Server Farms trying constantly to share a single version of the truth.

And speed is not compromised at the coalface of the presentation layer to the end-User.

Because this solution will render your eCommerce face to the world in HTML5, it can support access by ANY device type and ANY form-factor of display – so end-Users can access using a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet – whether in the office, roaming the plant,, out at a branch location, in their home, or on the road prior to that important Client meeting.

AND your corporate marketing strategy that needs to have a “creative and pretty” face to the world on the WWW is NOT compromised – you can combine the aesthetics and style demanded together with your SAP back-end Data, and transactional handling that IS SAP, with all the scalability, security and reliability that the SAP Netweaver Gateway provides. You have paid for it – why not USE IT !

This means that your website is future-proofed, and on SAP it is also bullet-proofed, with a simplified landscape to Support, and achievable at a total cost likely to be a half or even close to one third of what you are thinking …. You will save 40% of Year 1 Costs, plus a saving of 50% of Annual Costs, delivering 60% savings over a 5 Year Project horizon, whilst getting you to a positive ROI in half the time.

Unique and unparalleled in it’s approach and technology, being based singularly on SAP frameworks, with Out-Of-The-Box capability providing SAP Order Processing, Retail Branch/Trade Counter POS Management, Payment Portals, plus B2B for an improved Supply Chain connecting you with Customers and Suppliers, plus B2E where any Employee information or Data needs, or Transaction collection, can be enabled. It is ”cosmetically tweakable” at the front end to reflect your niche needs, but it will always translate to STANDARD SAP functions. It can be quickly and easily extended to do ANYTHING that SAP can do … which is quite a lot …

And it is multi-site, multi-country, multi-lingual and multi-currency (because SAP is ….).

Priced aggressively for SME/SMB, and yet scalable to Enterprise-level business demands.

For Multichannel eCommerce on SAP, you need to GO NATIVE !

Gem 2

Business Process CHANGE-minor Upgrade, new Module, New System ROLL-OUT

Whether for a system UPGRADE, a roll-out of a major NEW system or module, or just a tweak to a few processes to reflect a revised way of working, you can’t get over the line until the USER DOCUMENTATION has been created to help with the TRAINING and PREP for cut-over and Go-Live.

This phase can occupy a major chunk of the Project deployment timeline AND cost.

See here an amazing new support tool that will CUT the time and cost of this task by 60%-70%, AND give you a solid capability to TUNE processes after Go-Live (as often happens) with minimal extra work.

From NOW on, keeping your User Training and Documents up-to-date is a breeze. Gone are the days when you will fear the Quality Audit teams arrival to inspect your documented procedures.

And, just how many CHANGE or PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Projects are you currently handling. You need to get a grip, or face the consequences. MS VISIO will not hack it any longer. And taking laborious Screenshots, copying, pasting and writing text longhand is out of date almost the day you wrote it. TIME for a proper solution, one that is PART of the fabric of your business processes, and one that can also cover PROCESS flows which SPAN multiple vendor Applications, mapping the whole flow steps faultlessly and without complexity

As well as on-screen textual prompts and guidance, you can link Audio and Video clips, PPT, PDF, Word, Excel or any other support content that will help, as well as a full tutorial Video player flowing through the complete transaction end-to-end where the User is really stuck.

To ensure the User community are up to speed prior to go-live, it has a Test Me mode, and the results can influence your readiness and risk as a business prior to take-off,

Macro Mode brings an extra efficiency bonus for those who are operating between 2 different core Applications, for example SAP ERP alongside Salesforce for CRM. Sometimes, often even, there is a need to duplicate data entered in one system to the other. Without any programming, no ABAP, Macro Mode will AUTO-POPULATE  the form data on the second system driven by entries provided to the prime point of entry.

Clue to innovation - it works with ANY Application, and uses Screen Recognition technology to know uniquely where you are, and where as a User you need to get to - now that IS different !

Adopted by many LARGE enterprise businesses, but PRICED for SME adoption.

Elegant - Innovative - ROI likely achievable on the first significant CHANGE Project.

Gem 3

Adopt Active Alerts, play by the Rules, get an Exceptional business

This innovative new solution is aimed at SAP ERP Users and seeks to give you the framework to truly manage key aspects your business “by exception”. Sometimes as transactions flow, things happen which indicate that something is going very WRONG, and will need rapid action in order to home in and quickly FIX, ideally BEFORE it impacts a Customer or other Party.

Other things happen which are commercially GOOD things, but which will also need some early ACTION to ensure it stays as good news. For example, an exceptionally large Order is finally landed, however the Planning and Procurement teams may be exposed and challenged to fulfil this based on current inventory and capacity issues. The Engineering team need to do some Design work on the job, and they are already busy currently. So the sooner they are alerted to the good news, the better the chances of staying on the ball all around. Conversely, maybe if a significant Sales Order/Contract  is cancelled, it is probably a good idea to ensure the departments impacted are made aware very quickly, right NOW.

Managing business events by exception is a well proven approach to staying on top of the daily myriad of “things” most businesses have to do.

This solution allows you to overlay the Rules onto your SAP ERP,  in order to automatically catch any exceptions in real-time - Active Alerts. It will then execute your defined ACTION notification or workflow directly to nominated individuals or departments - immediately as the exception occurs. (Such Rules are often already embedded within existing periodic Reporting that gets run and pushed out to managers/supervisors/exec team).

Active Alerts exception NOTIFICATIONS can be by using EMAIL, or an SMS TEXT to a Mobile Phone, or maybe to the optional MOBILE APP which sits on a MOBILE device, and which allows additional decisions to be made as to what should happen NEXT and by WHOM.

So an Exec, who may be working abroad, can receive the exception message to his iPad or iPhone, and can ROUTE the task of resolution to team colleagues, together with added comments from the Exec.

Or maybe the ACTION needed is to pro-actively create an email to the Customer involved, or the Supplier involved, copied to the Planning dept.

Alternatively a full Workflow process can be launched, which ROUTES the issue to perhaps 4 separate departments, finally arriving with the Regional Director for approval and sign-off to close the issue.



Gem 4

Stuck with Excel - still need to excel

Whether we like it or not, MS Excel still has a place in many businesses for both Reporting and for delivery of ACTION LISTS for both departmental employees, Managers, and often road warriors.

We know the bad news - that the data is out of date the second after it is committed to the Report, and that the level of DETAIL available in the columns is often kept to a pragmatic minimum.

We also know the good news - most Users are comfortable with the UI - minimal if any Training needed etc.

So IMAGINE if you could bring that Report to LIFE.

Imagine you are reviewing it, and see that your Customer BLOGS has a sizeable CREDIT note last week. For what you ask yourself  ? Imagine if you could CLICK on the transaction in Excel, and STILL within Excel, you can be shown the CURRENT real transaction from the ERP Finance suite. Imagine if that transaction was a GOODS RETURN. You could then CLICK to see the actual RETURN transaction and any connected SOP detail and inwards Inspection comments.

Without leaving Excel. Without having to log on to ERP, nor navigate ERP.

Imagine that you could do that from any Excel style Report across many modules of the core ERP - drilling through related/connected data, without having to know anything about the core ERP itself. You just want access to YOUR data.

And imagine that you could do the SAME if an EMAIL arrives, from a Customer, quoting THEIR PO Order number, and asking about expected shipment date, and being able to CLICK on the PO number IN THE EMAIL and then see ALL of the relevant information from your core ERP, WITHIN the email Outlook environment.

SIMPLE, but dealing quickly with everyday questions and without needing to navigate the core ERP application. A real winner for SAP ERP Users.


Gem 5 Gem 6

Affordable iPad Apps with real Field Service and mini-CRM capability

There are plenty of SAP Apps in these areas already, but they do not quite hit the mark for many SME businesses. Neither in terms of WHAT they DO, nor in terms of the probable COSTS of deploying such systems. Many derive from big-ticket sources and are thus targeted at Enterprise businesses. SAP’s own acquisition in this area last year is typical and reflects an unaffordable and often unacceptable path for many SME’s.

This Gem 4 solution is a very widely scoped iPad App which will deliver high levels of functionality and capability to your Field operatives.  

This solution would probably be labelled PRAGMATIC rather than BEST PRACTICE.

However you WILL be able to afford the ticket price, and your Users WILL be able to take their desk with them on the road.

Build ONCE, use the APP on Desktop, Laptop, Browser and ANY Mobile device

The increasing demands from Users often calls for Information or a Transaction that can be used both at the desk, or from home via a browser, or more likely from a Phone or Tablet whilst travelling or working away from the office and network.

There is a proliferation of NEW MOBILE Apps for you to adopt, however these RARELY work when using a desktop or laptop device.

And the APPS themselves might not quite fit your needs , sometimes containing TOO MUCH and sometimes missing the essential little things that your Users need at their fingertips.

WHAT IF you could create your OWN Apps, and what if you could do that WITHOUT ANY COMPLEX CODING ? And what if you could then PUBLISH the new APP for usage by ANY DEVICE, being either a desktop PC or laptop, or via a WEB BROWSER from a cafe on the M6 services, or via the employee’s corporate or own PHONE or TABLET  (IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc).

The new APP can also SPAN multiple solutions, so can draw some of it’s data from ERP (SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, MS Dynamics etc), combined it with data from say another vendors CRM or PLM, and also include some BI chart(s) and a Google Map …..

SO create ONE APP - publish for usage by ANY device - AND it will LOOK and FEEL natural for EACH device type - used on iPad it will seem like a “proper” iPad APP. 1 week to learn, 1 more week to create your first APP, with others following in just days.

Now that REALLY IS looking to present and to the future.

Gem 2 Gem 4 Gem 3 Gem 5

Business Process CHANGE-minor Upgrade, new Module, New System ROLL-OUT

Stuck with Excel - still need to excel

Play by the Rules, get an Exceptional business

Affordable iPad Apps with real Field Service and mini-CRM capability

Gem 6

Build ONCE, use the APP on Desktop, Laptop, Browser and ANY Mobile device

Gem 1

SAP-centric eCommerce, the simple and safest way to grow your BBBusiness

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